Woodworking School of Hard Knocks

I've Made Most of the Mistakes.
You Can Avoid Them!

Proven Woodworking goes all out to provide you with proven experience to enhance your skills.

You don't have to make your woodworking projects difficult! You can make quality projects with techniques that will help you make heirloom pieces quickly and easily. Your projects will command admiring glances from everyone who sees them.

In the process, I might save you some money.

Some questions you may ponder:

   - Would I like to make furniture out of solid wood, including tops that are flat and will stay flat? Furniture that will stand up to the test of time?

   - Would I like to make joints that will last my lifetime and won't fall apart in five years?

   - What is the best way to finish wood?

   - Am I tired of the thinness of today's veneered plywood?

   - What is the best way to store wood?

   - Is it better to buy pre-planed wood at my local Super Store or buy rough sawn wood?

   - What is the best way for Dust Collection?

   - How should I arrange my Workshop?

Vanity Plans

On this website, you will find ...

  • Patterns and Templates to design high-quality projects that are easy to make.
  • You can use various pieces of equipment to do a variety of jobs.
  • Quality wood plans reasonably priced. Some are even free!
  • Jigs that add precision to your work.
  • Joinery techniques that are far superior to nails, screws, or biscuits.
  • And the list goes on ...

If this is what you are looking for, then this site is for you.
I want you to come with me as we make Woodworking fun, exciting, lasting, and easy!

We can talk together and arrive at a solution to many of your wood projects.

Are you ready? Let's Go!

Data Recovery

Find Information Quickly

A Site Search is an easy way to find the information that you need!

Your Ideas Wanted

Every woodworker experiences a "magic" moment. An Idea is born.

Why not help other woodworkers with your inspiration? Now you have the opportunity to lend a hand!

You can share your special idea at I Want to Help!

Unsolicited Testimonial

I just want to leave you a comment, letting you know the information provided on your website is the most useful and informative I have found on the internet. I want to thank you.

I am a university student studying to become a teacher, and we were given a technology project as assessment. I chose to create a desk for use in the classroom. I have been trying to research the different ways of joining wood and found your website to be both comprehensive and easy to understand!

Thanks again for the information on the website. It is a brilliant source of ideas and information!

Signed Mim T.
Canberra, Australia

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